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-PLAYERS: 11 [10 field + 1 GK]

-POSITIONS: forward—mid—defense—goalie

-SUBSTITUTION: on the fly at the 50 yrd line (1 off=1 on), unlimited

-FIELD SIZE: 100x60 yards

-STICK: only the flat side may be used, right-handed sticks only (for safety reasons)

  • the lefty advantage: the top left hand controls the stick and all one handed moves are executed with the left hand

-FREE HIT: a change of possession after a foul—the game is restarted at the foul location with a stationary hit on a whistle or a self-start.

  • The opponent must be 5 yards from the self-start/ free hit. If an opponent is within 5 yards of the ball, a player may shadow the opponent but must not interfere with the taking of the free hit/self–start and must not play nor attempt to play the ball.

  • Inside the offensive 25 yrd all players must be 5 yards away and the ball must be dribbled or passed 5 yards before entering the striking circle (indirect hit)

-DEFENSIVE TACKLING: allowed from the side and front; never from behind

-PENALTY CORNER: awarded to the attacking team when the defense either commits a foul inside the striking circle or intentionally hits the ball out-of-bounds over the end line

-SCORING: goals can only be scored inside the striking circle


Dangerous Play and Player Advantage and Held Whistles

The nuances in FH rules are driven by what the refs deem as dangerous and advantageous. For example, a lifted ball or big stick swing into open space

is not dangerous and is not a foul. A lifted ball or big stick swing into players is dangerous and is a foul.

-Is there offsides? no

-Can the ball hit a player's foot? no

  • exception: the ref will not call the foul if the foul does not translate into an advantage for the player)

-Can the ball be lifted? Yes —as long as there is not a player in the direct line of the ball and no one is in harm’s way.

  • Penalty Corner Exception: in order to score off the initial shot, the ball must remain 18” or lower.

-Third party obstruction: in a 1v1 situation, if a 3rd player tries to go for the ball, a foul is called (no picks/screens allowed).

-Obstruction: you can’t stop your feet and use your body to shield the ball (feet and ball must be in constant motion)

-Hacking: a player can't use heir stick to hit an opponent’s stick, either intentionally or unintentionally without touching the ball

Field Hockey Basics Handout.pdf

A Primer


Dimensions: 100 YARDS x 60 yards

Surface: FieldTurf or AstroTurf


Ref hand signals

Field Hockey Goal

Official size 12' x 7' x 4'